Leaderboard for Synth Dataset

Rating ID Team and algo name Info Ensemble? SDR Instrumental SDR Vocals
1417Unmix XL-8.16198.4581
142248Kuielab_A_Vocals Model - Denoise Output Off, PCM 16-bit-7.69928.0278
14313Byte Dance-7.69317.9893
144408DeMIX Pro 4.1.0 | Vocal Noise Gate ON | Perfect Reconstruction ON-7.62767.9219
1455Spleeter (4 stems)-7.02067.3168
146418Audionamix XTRAX STEMS (2 stems)-6.96957.2926
1474Spleeter (2 stems)-6.66127.1930
1486Spleeter (5 stems)-6.87997.1761
149186VR Arc: 6_HP-Karaoke-UVR (fixed by adding 0.00545s to source + trim after processing)-6.00866.3249
150185VR Arc: 5_HP-Karaoke-UVR (fixed by adding 0.00545s to source + trim after processing)-5.94236.2646
152462MDX-Net: UVR-MDX-NET Inst Main + VR Arc: 7_HP2_UVR + Demucs: v4 | htdemucs_ft - Ensemble Algorithm: Average/Average+------
1562381Ensemble Mode: 5_HP-Karaoke-UVR - Model - Kim_Inst - UVR_MDXNET_Main - UVR-MDX-NET_Main_427+------

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